Wash & Care Instructionsvkgoni

The following outlines Diapering Decisions recommended cloth diaper wash & care methods.


Prior to Usage

  • Run a warm water wash prior to first usage for all cloth diapers, covers and liners.

Regular Cleaning

  • Combine diapers and liners.

  • Run a cold quick wash with no detergent to remove waste and minimize stains.

  • Run a warm wash with detergent.

  • Do not use detergents with enzymes or softeners. Do not use liquid softeners or dryer sheets.

  • Ensure there is no detergent residue. If there is residue, complete an additional rinse.

  • Diapers may be placed in a dryer on tumble dry or hung to dry.

  • Most optimal option is to line dry bamboo diapers in direct sunlight.

  • Do not dry Diaper Covers or Stay Dry liners. Lay flat to dry to protect water-resistant material.

  • Diaper Covers are washed separate from diapers using a regular wash with a minimal amount of detergent.

Diaper Changes

  • Remove soiled diaper and rinse away waste if dirtied.

  • Note: waste from breast milk is water-soluble and will dissolve in the wash.Waste from formula and solids is NOT water-soluble and will require that you ensure waste is removed prior to washing.

  • Placed all soiled pieces in a diaper pail or bag. Do not soak diapers. Ensure all hoop & lock (Velcro) pieces are fastened to prevent adherence to other pieces.

  • When ready to wash, dump contents into washing machine. Rinse pail or include bag.

  • Diapers may be washed in any snapped position. Snap-in insert can remain attached during washing.

  • It is recommended that diapers are washed every 1-2 days to minimize stains and odours.